Production Blog and Worship Mixing

Hi Team,

I’d like to have some semi-regular content for us all to view to help us grow together and be on the same page for where we’re going with production. I really appreciate the creativity, problem solving, and talent you all bring to the team and I know we can grow in talent and cohesion together for the glory of our God.

With that being said, if you have some time, take a look at the video below. One feedback I’ve heard is that the mix can sound notably different from week to week. I think it’s great when we can bring some creativity and artistry to the sound board, but when differences become distractions, that’s an area we can submit ourselves and grow in cohesion to serve the body better. It’ll probably take a little trial and error, but we’ll work up a “sound” for the church that we can all hear and define. I really think establishing some consistency in this area can help us grow as a team, as audio engineers, and as servants for the body and the King.